Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thoughts while riding in an elevator

I work in a three story building, that's it, just three stories. On the first floor there's an UP only call button, on the third floor there's a DOWN only call button, and on the second there are both. Makes sense, right? What doesn't make sense is why after I get on the elevator on the second floor I have to push a button to get to the floor I want. I mean if I pushed the DOWN button I must want to get to the first floor, there is no basement. If I pushed UP I must want to go to the third flooor. Why with all of our appliances getting smarter and smarter all the time, why are elevators still so stupid?
I also gotta wonder how come there's elevator music playing everywhere in this building _except_ in the elevator.


Kim said...

On the subject of technological advances: Leah commented lately that it is amazing that we can engineer a cell phone the size of a cracker, but cannot make an envelope adhesive that tastes good.

Norrin2 said...

I think there's a million dollar idea there somewhere.

Bad News Bubba B, Redneck Alcoholic said...

Dude, forget the elevator pontifications and just get to work!!!!!