Saturday, September 03, 2005

We all do what we can

Like you, my heart has been broken by the recent events in the Gulf States. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the deaths it caused, as well as the deaths caused by the bungled federal response to this catastrophe is just overwhelming. I want to help, but I feel like the little bit of money I can send won't do much -- even though I know that every little bit helps and if we all do a little than a hell of a lot can get done. I just thought of a way I can do a little more. I mentioned that I'm an autograph collector and I have a pretty nice collection. I just put a signed and numberd Michael Kaluta art book up for auction on eBay, and I hope to put more items there with all the profit going to the American Red Cross. Please consider bidding on this book, selling some of your things on eBay and donating the profits to Flood Relief efforts or just sending money to the Red Cross.


Zan said...

You forgot to add the link here

Norrin2 said...

You're right, and I fixed it. Thanks.