Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Weirdness: alone and with a group

It's not that I mind being the lone oddball, but sometimes it's nice to have your oddballness validated, to hang with people who share your particular peculiarities. I had a great time at last weekend's big family get-together, but a lot of the conversation revolved around football, basketball and -- God help us! -- golf, so it was good to turn the old XM radio to channel 175 and commune with those who believe as I do that the only game worthy of one's attention is baseball.
And you know I love that neglected and underappreciated artform, the obituary. That's why I am so enjoying this book:

because it's about people like me who haunt the alt-obituaries newsgroup, people who would buy the New York Times even if their crossword puzzles were not the best just because their obit page is awesome, (and awesome is not a word I toss around lightly), people who actually have a favorite obituarist. (Mine is definitely Stephen Miller, but I did just order and can't wait to read "52 McGs. : The Best Obituaries from Legendary New York Times Reporter Robert McG. Thomas" cuz McG was pretty darn good too.)
Here's hoping that you never have to be weird all by yourself. (Unless of course that's the way you want to be weird.)

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