Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An E-mail conversation

Oh no, what have they done to my sweet Betty Cooper? That was the subject heading and it went from a discussion of comic book beauties to -- well, you'll see.

ZAN: Did you not read the post? They made her more contemporary to showcase their "timelessness" and "adaptablility".

ME: I read the post. The Statue of Liberty is timeless. Does that mean we should give her a facelift to make her look more like Britney Spears?

ZAN: Betty and Veronica were already sluts. I admit into evidence:

(And here he linked to a drawing of Betty, Veronica and Archie at the beach. They are enjoying the sunshine and the summer and none of them is wearing anything above the waist.)

ME: Wearing a monokini does not make one a slut.

ZAN: I think that might be part of the definition of slut.

ME: I think you might be a tad provincial. Do you think every woman on the beach in Italy and other European countries is a slut?

ZAN : If the shoe fits. . .

ME: What shoe? Generally, if you're topless at the beach you're barefoot too.

ZAN: You're generalizing.

ME: Good one, Mister Irony.
But seriously, that picture does not look like two sluts and a dude. It looks like Betty and Veronica and Archie having good wholesome American fun at the tops-optional beach.
And anticipating your question: Yes, I would tell my daughters the same thing -- if you've been dating the same boy for 50 years it's okay for him to see you topless.

ZAN: So he's been two timing them for 50 years and that's ok?

ME: He's not two-timing anybody. He's just taking his time making up his mind. So yeah, if you've been dating the same guy for fifty years -- even if it's non-exclusive -- he can see you topless.

ZAN: I can forward that to Cricket and Leah?... and mom?

ME: You can but you don’t have to, I’m putting this whole conversation up on Green Genius tonight. I would do it now but this computer at work gets all wonky when I try to blog.

ZAN: I can't wait. And btw, wonky isn't a word regardless of what google says

ME: Hmmm, that's funny. says it is: but I guess that just means is a dumb slut now that the walking dictionary is back on the job.

(And this is a reference to Zan once upon a time (when Kim and I could not find the Scrabble dictionary) calling himself the Walking Dictionary until he swore that "Gramps" was not a word -- which he still swears to this day despite the fact that it's in every dictionary ever made.)

ZAN: Dictionary dot com couldn't define themselves out of a wet paper bag. I guess I need to take the reigns again and assume my previous role.

ME: Absolutely. And as reluctant as I am to quibble with the WD himself, I think you mean "reins".

ZAN: Bah.

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