Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busiest website in the world today Why? Because they promised to give everyone in America a free 20 oz Dr. Pepper if the Guns and Roses album "Chinese Democracy" was released before the end of the year. Considering that Axl Rose (the only thing left of G and R) has spent 14 million dollars and 14 years working on the thing, it must have looked like the very definition of a safe bet.
But guess what? In the words of Leonard Cohen, "Democracy" is coming to the USA. (If you consider Best Buy part of the USA.)

By the way, as much as I would love to believe that this a great album, a return to form for the last great rock and roll band, I don't see any way it can be anything other than a disappointment -- even if it is great, it will be a disappointment. No album is worth waiting 14 years and spending 14 mill.
I am however glad to see that this album continues the trend of vinyl LPs becoming more popular again. Real music instead of ones and zeros. That's a good thing.


Zan said...

I believe you no longer have the right to complain about the digitization of music now that you only listen to it on an iPod or satilite radio.

Norrin2 said...

I believe I do. Music doesn't sound as good reduced to ones and zeroes, but what can I do about it?

Zan said...

carry around a record player? Duh... But seriously you could get one of those really old ones that plays though a big cornucopia looking shape. No digitization at all.