Monday, December 15, 2008

Still More People who Piss Me Off at the Gym

It seems my roidless rage knows no bounds. Here are some more people doing their damndest to spoil my workout:

Larry the Cable Guy: There are signs all over the gym saying proper athletic attire is required. Evidently some people think this means jeans and a button-down shirt with the sleeves torn off.

Speaking of inappropriate attire, what is up with the Hefty Bag Man? You know, the guy who works out in a big plastic sack? If you're that desperate to lose a little water weight, why are you carrying around a gallon jug of water? Why not just eliminate the middle man and pour the water directly into your Hefty bag?

Working on the same principle is The Unabomber. He works out in a jacket and hoodie. Use your head, Ted. You're not going to lose any weight that way.

And the guy who hasn't bought a new pair of gym shorts since high school and is about to bust out of his nut hugging 1955-Wilt Chamberlain shorts any second. Get to Wal-Mart, dude. Hot pants don't look good on guys.

This guy doesn't bother me only because I've never come across him. But he irks my brother. He's the guy who insists on doing his workout including push-ups entirely inside the squat rack. Actually, John, in New Rules of Lifting, Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove suggest you do just that. But I don't. I step outside of the squat rack to do anything other squats. But that doesn't mean I'm done with it or that I want someone coming along, trying to claim squatter's right to my rack. (Squatter's right, ha ha, I crack myself up.)

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Anonymous said...

Ever thought about just purchasing your own equip and setting up in the garage or something? Could be commercial lifting aint for you. Either you need to tone down the roid rage or you lift in the most full of assholes gym I've ever heard of. If A and L rec. pushups in the squat rack I suspect they are being funny. But if you want to know what pisses Cosgrove off look here: