Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bricks of bread and the Big White

When I was a kid growing up in Richmond Virgina, there was a drive-in movie theatre we frequently passed and that I used to call the "Big White" (because the screen was big and white.) My parents thought this was cute and they picked up on it and they started calling it the Big White too. Even after I learned to read and knew it was called the Broadway, my parents still called it by my childish nickname till the day we moved out of Richmond.
I was mortified at the time, but now I understand why they did it. When our kids were growing up they had their own words for some things, and a lot of them Kim and I liked better and still use even though the kids have outgrown them. Actually, in a rather dramatic example of history repeating itself, they used to call the Charlestowne Square Cinema the Big Light (cuz it's big and lit up colorfully) and Kim and I still do.
At some point I figured I should save some of these neologisms for posterity and I compiled a family dictionary. Here are some of the entries in that lexicon:

Bank (v) To strike, usually on the buttocks, as a punishment.

Brick of bread (n) better known as a crouton.

Brokan! Brokan! “That object is no longer in working condition.”

Kid Radar (n) An uncanny ability generally found only in young people whereby one can know exactly when nudity or xex is on television. This also works if grownups begin to get physically intimate or to discuss anything xexy. (Kim's and my contribution)

Painolish (n) Colored polish applied to the finger or toenails.

Pinkleberry (n) A color almost indistinguishable from periwinkle

Polluter (n) Another name for a computer.

Pooter Thing (n) a Whoopee cushion

Privacy (n) A person’s genitals, or less commonly their butt or some other part of their anatomy they don’t want others to see.

Table of Continents: Page near the front of a book or magazine that tells you on what page each chapter or article begins.

Tarzaran (n) A cosmetologist or hair-stylist. Also used as an adjective as in “Tarzaran school”.
(an off-the-wall term from Leah.)

Thing With No Pictures (n) Radio

Toast Intolerant (adj) Unable to properly digest milk and dairy products.

Twoever (too-ev-er) A long long time. Maybe even longer than forever.

Two Nut Sandwich (n) it means tuna salad sandwich

Whacked Out of Your Oars (adj) Extremely silly or intoxicated.

Whistle (n) The epitome of cuteness. If something is “cute as a whistle” it is some kind of cute.

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