Saturday, June 03, 2006

What we've learned from the McRib

A few years ago, Dylan fell under the spell of a commercial for McDonald's abominable McRib sandwich. He had to have one. I tried to dissuade him, pointing out that he didn't like ribs, he didn't like barbecue, he didn't even like McDonald's, but there's never any talking Dylan out of anything; logic is powerless against him. So I said I would take him to McDonald's and buy him one of the damn things, but he would have to either eat the whole thing or pay me back. He agreed.

He took like two bites out of it before he said "Okay, I'll pay you back." But I had mercy, and I decided to give him a way out of it. I told him about advertisers and said if he would sign the following paper he would not have to pay me back.

This is the paper he had to sign:

I understand that advertisers' job is to take my hard-earned money away from me. They do this by using every sneaky, underhanded dirty trick in the book to convince me that I must have their newest piece of junk. They also lie almost all the time. From now on, when I see something advertised and I think I want it, I will stop and ask myself why I want it. Is it something I really need or have I been hoodwinked by dirty rotten advertisers? For example, if it is a barbecue sandwich offered and I do not like barbecue, I probably will not like the sandwich.
Name ________________ Date _____________________________


Zan said...

Not only that but it comes with nothing but pickles and onions, Dylan's unfavorites.

Norrin2 said...

I'm sure I pointed that out at the time too. BTW, did you see that McRib is on a farewell tour.
Good riddance to bad rubbish, as far as I'm concerned -- and that "save McRib" button is ominous. I never understood those limited time only sandwich deals anyway. Sell it or don't.
Oooh, I just reminded myself how much I love Subway's (limited time only) barbecued chicken sub. Now that's a good sandwich.