Monday, October 01, 2007

Swan Song -- Sorta

November is National Novel-Writing Month and I decided a while back I would quit daily crossword-blogging and devote my non-existent free time to working on a book come November.
But now I've decided to retire a month early -- not really retire exactly. I'm not shutting the Green Genius down, but I won't be blogging about crossword puzzles five days a week for the foreseeable future. I'll be reading, walking in the park, watching the baseball play-offs, making an outline of the novel I hope to at least start writing in November -- and doing crossword puzzles, of course.

It's been fun and I appreciate everybody who ever stopped by, whether it was just once or on a regular basis. I'll still be blogging here about whatever I'm involved with, which will be crosswords among other things, and you'll always be welcome here. And I'll still be crossword- blogging at Madness. . . Crossword and Otherwise this weekend. Drop in and say hey.

Oh, and I do have one thing to say about today's Sun puzzle -- 21A: Big oafs (OXES) I can't tell you how wrong that looks and how it pained me to put it into the grid. I understand we're actually talking about boors and not beast of burden, so maybe OXEN would not be appropriate, but OXES? That can't be right.

Take care, y'all.


mm said...

Emerald Smart Guy,

I am saddened by your departure from daily crossword blogging, but totally understand where you're coming from. I've been trying to break my too-many-crosswords-(and crossword blogs)-a-day habit. (And yet I'm trying to type fast so I can get tomorrow's Sun puzzle in before my 8am class.)

Anyways, thanks for the wonderful entries over the past few months.

-Matt M.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! No NYS/Green Genius fix! You will indeed be missed, but I wish you well, and luck with the book and life.

Norrin2 said...

Thanks Matt and cf, I appreciate the good wishes and kind words. And I wish you both nothing but good things.

Howard B said...

Well, good luck to you - it's always fun to check in here. Haven't been able to do as much solving myself. Being a (gasp) Mets fan, I suppose I'll watch the playoffs here and there, and root against the Yankees while basking in the schadenfreude of others ;).
Cheering for any underdogs here, personally (the role my Mets used to take).
In the meantime, enjoy life, reading, music, mustard, and anything else that floats your boat in general ;).

Linda G said...

This just breaks my heart, but it's so understandable.

Since I don't regularly do the Sun, though, those posts weren't as meaningful (to me) as the ones about books, famous folks who've died, your country music column...the stuff that's Robert just being Robert. I'm glad that won't change.

And thanks for filling in at Madness. I appreciate it so much.