Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What I learned today

In an attempt to deal with my ridiculously high cholesterol, I take Vytorin as prescribed by my doctor and fish oil tablets as well. This morning I popped a couple of fish oil tablets in my mouth -- and these suckers are not tiny by the way, they're about the size of a fancy guppy -- and took a big sip of the liquid I had at hand. Unfortuntely the L I had at H was hot tea -- very hot; too hot to swallow a couple of fancy guppies without blistering my esophagus. What it did though was immediately melt the fish oil tablets so I had to run silently screaming down the hall to the water fountain with boiling fish grease in my mouth. Not a pleasant experience and I'm just praying I don't burp today.

Note to self: cold or room temperature liquids for pill-popping.


Linda G said...

I hope I can learn from your mistake. The aftertaste (ladies don't burp) is often more than I can stand.

I had a coronary scan today to see if there's calcium in my arteries. If there is, that means there's plaque...and time for a statin. Unfortunately, there can also be plaque without any calcium, but we won't know that.

Started on blood pressure meds a week ago. Geez, this getting old stuff sucks.

Norrin2 said...

You got that right!