Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's day lament

I am nobody's hero.
Which is all right, I guess. How many of us can honestly say we're somebody's hero? (Put your hand down, Roger Clemens.) But it's a little embarrassing since I'm married to Kim Loy, who is everybody's hero.
My oldest son Zan lists as his heroes on his MySpace page: "Green Lantern, Kim Loy". Even his girlfriend lists as her heroes: "Jesus, Grandpa Stinson, Kim Loy."
My oldest daughter has only one hero according to her MySpace page. Can you guess?: "My Mom" (AKA Kim Loy)
My youngest daughter doesn't just name her hero, she elaborates on exactly what qualities make Kim Loy her hero: "My Mom is my all time Hero. She is always there for me..and I love her more than anything."
My youngest son doesn't list any heroes, but if he did I'm sure that Kim Loy would be way up there.
Like I said, I'm fine with it. I don't list any heroes on my MySpace page here. Mainly because I don't want Kim to get a swelled head -- easy to do when you are up there with Jesus and the Green Lantern. Yeah, she's my hero too.
Happy Valentine's Day, my Love.

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