Friday, January 30, 2009


Next Wednesday one of my favorite writers, Russell Hoban, will turn 84 years old. He's the favorite of a lot of other people as well, and they're not content to just reread his magnificent works of fiction and beam him well wishes and positivity. No, they've started a celebration on Hoban's birthday that is known as SA4QE. And what you do on that day is print out a favorite quote from Hoban on yellow paper and place it in a prominent public place, then post about it (with pix if possible) on the SA4QE website. I'm telling you about it now, so you can go procure a Hoban book and pick out a thought that you want to share with the world -- and I guarantee you will find several in any of his books -- and join us.

This is the quote I have selected. It's from The Medusa Frequency:

"Fidelity is a matter of perception; nobody is unfaithful to the sea or to the mountains or to death; once recognized they fill the heart. . . Anyone who loves, anyone who perceives the other person fully can only be faithful, can never be unfaithful to the sea and the mountains and the death in that person, so pitiful and heroic is it to be a human being."

Russell Hoban

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