Tuesday, May 26, 2009

End of an era?

There are several contests that I enter on a regular basis -- NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle, the Car Talk Puzzler, and Games World of Puzzles contests chief among them. I've won the runner-up prize at World of Puzzles a couple of times and have the t-shirts to prove it, but as yet no big money. (And actually the money's not as big as it used to be; for years the prize was 1,000 dollars -- a few years ago they halved it to 500.) Anyway, I went to go pick the new issue of World of Puzzles and for the first time ever there was no contest. No explanation, no announcements, but I have a feeling that this is another sign of Big Trouble in Magazine Land, and there will be no more contests in GWoP. Which means my last chance is for last month's contest -- The Jigsaw Crossword Contest, which ends Monday, June 1st. Wish me luck.

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