Thursday, May 28, 2009

More book stuff

Continuing my look at the stuff on my bookshelves, starting with the ART category:

This book has close-ups of famous fannies from the world of art. You're supposed to see if you can identify them and they have reproductions of the paintings in the back of the book. I couldn't identify any of them, but it's fun anyway. I would love to have the Scottish edition of this book because in Scotland it's got a much better title:When it comes to cheesecake Gil Elvgren is the man. He somehow mastered the art of combining the wholesome with the erotic. His girls are always getting their skirts lifted by wind or machinery or something, and they all look shocked and delighted.

(If that puppy had pulled just a tad harder this picture might have made it in "The Arse in Art.")

After all those posteriors and pin-ups I'm starting to feel a little lowbrow. Thank goodness our next book is from a genuine fine artist:Although Gustav enjoyed a shapely rear as much as anybody.
His most famous painting is "The Kiss." I gave a copy of this work to my wife early on in our relationship and it still hangs in our bedroom.
More later.

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