Thursday, August 17, 2006

What is wrong with people?

In the last two nights I've heard three of my beloved family members say they can't wait for winter.
It's a world gone mad.


HI-D said...

You forget how cold it gets and when it is cold you forget how hot it gets. I guess a no win situation?!

Caroline said...

My only thought can be: demon possession. Summer rocks. I don't care how hot it gets, I can take it, and all it makes me want is to go to the beach. Seriously, I HATE winter!

Zan said...

Sweating sucks.

Norrin2 said...

It's got to be more than mere demons that have hold of Zan. It must be Lucifer himself. That boy wants to move to Canada! Do you know the number for a good exorcist?

I'm with you 100 per cent re Summer's rockingness and Winter's suckingness. I was trying to think of something good about winter the other day -- cuz I'm a positive person -- and all I could come up with sitting by the fire -- and all that does is give a piss-poor approximation of the glory that that is summer.
Seriously, what is there to recommend that cursed season? Football? Christmas? Pnuemonia?
No thanks