Monday, August 21, 2006


Well so much for that resolution. I said I was going to write something here every day and I just plain forgot yesterday. Sorry. I got caught up in my fantasy baseball games. There are three weeks left in the regular season, and I've got one team that's all but clinched their division, one team that's completely out of contention and three more scrambling for a playoff berth. (And if you think 5 fantasy baseball teams is too much, feel free to sign my wife's petition.)
Here's the way things look for my best team:

West Division
Gotham City Gargoyles13700.6500W47-2-026628.2368.86744.3
Perez Hilton101000.5003L46-4-026442.0555.06613.7
Mac Daddy81200.4005L14-6-026717.7279.36840.8
Swingers Inc.81200.4005L13-6-006329.2667.86803.5
East Division
Charlie's Chumps11900.5504W16-3-046997.00.06408.8
Layeth the Smackdown91100.4506L22-7-026762.3234.76758.7
sir bucky91100.4506L34-6-036659.7337.36819.3
Mad Dogs81200.4007W24-6-026743.3253.76885.3

I think everything's pretty self-explanatory, but if you don't know PF is "points for" (or the total number of points we've scored all year.) PA is "points against" "Back" is how far back (in points you are from the person who has the most points. But ultimately points are less important than standings and as you can see I'm standing in first.

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