Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day Off

Today is the day my wife and I celebrate our anniversary. We have not allowed ourselves to take this good thing we have for granted, and for that reason it just gets better and better. Whenever I count my blessings I always start with Kim. My anniversary is actually my favorite holiday of the year.

My son is going back to public school after 5 and a half years of home school and it is a transition, to say the least.

And work -- oh my God, don't even mention work to me. This week was supposed to be so good since my boss is in the Carribean, but the stuff hit the fan first thing Monday and then somebody turned the fan on high on Tuesday.

Far all those reasons I am taking the day off from crossword blogging. If things let up I may try to find a minute or two to comment. But I'm not counting on it.

Have a nice day.


Linda G said...

Happy anniversary, Robert and Kim. You definitely deserve the day off.

Ours was the 18th...26 years. How anyone has put up with me for that long remains a mystery.

Norrin2 said...

Thanks, Linda. And congratulations on 26.

Howard B said...

Congrats on the anniversaries, and good luck with everything that's not quite as happy.

Austin said...

Congrats! And I wish you another (however long you've been married) years of happiness!


Norrin2 said...

Thanks Austin and Howard, I appreciate y'all taking the time to wish us well.
It's our 14th by the way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! and many more.