Monday, August 06, 2007

An Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama;

The upcoming election was supposed to be such a simple one for me. George W. Bush, in his ongoing efforts to subvert and eventually negate the United States Constitution, has committed many unpardonable acts, but none more egregious than the war built on lies in Iraq. Over 3500 brave young American men and women have lost their lives; God only knows how many have lost limbs and eyes. And the Iraqi casualty count is much, much higher than that.

I was going to vote for the candidate who was going to get us out of there the fastest. No more talk of “peace with honor”, no more surges, no more deaths. I decided to vote for you even though John Edwards said he would get them out immediately and you said six months. I decided this because John Edwards initially voted for the war, and I know you’ve been against it since the beginning, as have I.

But now you’re talking about sending troops into Pakistan? about escalating rather than ending this bloodstained boondoggle? Why? What has happened to you? (Please don’t hand me any of that crap about “intelligence” and all that. Bush has taught us that “intelligence” means hear what you want to hear, ignore anything contradictory and do what you were going to do anyway.)

How do politicians get so out of touch with the American people? You people are so worried about some other politician calling you “soft on defense” that you will compromise your principles to avoid it. And that’s not what we the people are concerned about. We are war-weary. We are tired of lies, tired of fighting, tired of killing, tired of dying. We’re not worried about somebody being soft on defense. We want somebody who is soft on offense. Somebody who is not going to take advantage of our fears and lead us into more war.

I thought that someone might be you. Now I think I was wrong.

Robert Loy

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matt m. said...

Hear hear!