Friday, September 21, 2007

Monday, 9-24-07

My beloved and I have just returned from our "What-Autumnal-Equinox?" weekend getaway at Myrtle Beach. We had a great time but I need a nap to rest up from my vacation. Therefore I won't have much to say about this Monday puzzle. Hey, it's a Monday puzzle, how much is there to say?
"Unfinished States" is by Alan Arbesfeld, and it is pretty much what that title suggests it is. Each of the themed entries end with a different 4-letter state abbreviation or shortcut. So we get:

20A: Amount necessary to achieve a result (CRITICAL MASSachusetts)

31A: Best Actor of 2003 (SEAN PENNsylvania)

36A: Unpredictable (HIT OR MISSissippi)

48A: Clean without a machine, as delicate clothes (HAND WASHington)

55A: Assumes responsibility for steering a ship (TAKES THE CONNecticut) I wasn't very familiar with this expression. I've heard it a time or two -- maybe on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"? -- but I must not have ever read it, because I thought it was "take the con" as in "controls." Oh well, you learn something new every day -- even Monday.

I liked 59A: Breakfast for someone who orders "an everything with nothing" cuz it sounds vaguely Zen-ny but it's actually an everything BAGEL with no cream cheese or butter.

That's it -- nap time. Thank you for your understanding.

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