Thursday, September 06, 2007

I suppose I should be glad she spelled "trait" correctly

(Note: crossword commentary will be slightly delayed while I reel from the shock of what I am about to share with you. It should be up by Friday afternoon; in the meantime I can tell you that those of you obsessed with symmetry are in for an eye-opening experience.)

If you still don't think that our nation's number one health problem is not obesity but stupidity, please take a look at this word search my eighth-grader brought home from school the other day:
You're supposed to find 15 positive character traits in this puzzle. the title should be a hint that the ability to spell correctly is not one of them -- "Charactar"?
And that's only the beginning. Kindness is misspelled -- no i. To the teacher's credit she did catch this one and tell the students about it. She did not mention anything about "charactar" or "Persaverance." Nor did she mention that at least four of these words you're supposed to find are not character traits -- I mean "leader" How in the hell is leader a character trait? Encouraging is not a character trait, though it may describe someone who has the character trait of encouragement. Faithful is not a character trait -- Faith is, faithfulness is. Trustworthy is not a character trait, trustworthiness is.
By now the fact that the whole last column is missing should come as a surprise to no one. It's bad enough that you have to have the "persaverance" to find the "charactar" trait of "leader" but all you're going to find is "leade."
And don't try to excuse this by saying the teacher just grabbed something to keep the kids quiet for a couple minutes. I went to the website listed at the bottom of the page. It's a teacher's site that makes up word searches using the words you input, so the teacher uploaded all those words and all those "charactar" traits.
Look, I'm all for teaching kids good character traits -- but how about "preparedness" how about "attention to detail"?


Anonymous said...

I dont understand you're problem with this.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding, of course.