Sunday, September 02, 2007

O Sweet Pea, Please Come Back to Me

I like soup a lot. One of the only things I enjoy about the approaching colder weather is that I can eat soup again -- it's just not as enjoyable when it's 101 degrees out. And my absolute all-time favorite soup is of course the King of Soup -- Split Pea. The pea and I have a long, passionate relationship. It was the one vegetable I absolutely refused to even take a tiny taste of when I was a kid. My parents believed in making kids eat vegetables and many nights I sat at the dinner table till bedtime staring at a serving of cold green peas -- and then had to look at them again the next morning at breakfast time. But when I reached man's estate I found that this little legume is actually delicious, and it is at its best in split pea soup.
I've tried all the canned varieties and they're varying degrees of all right, but as a connoisseur I prefer homemade or good restaurant split pea, but the former is time-consuming and the latter elusive. A while back my local Harris-Teeter grocery store started selling premade soups in their deli section, and they are delicious -- pricey yeah, about four bucks for one serving but worth every penny, especially for the split pea, which was better than homemade. I bought a jar or two every week and when they were on buy-one-get-one free special I stocked up and filled the freezer. Then a couple of months ago it disappeared off the shelf. They introduced a whole bunch of new summer flavors like Chilled Apple Ginger and suchlike, but the only mainstay that seemed to have vanished was my beloved split pea.
I was heartbroken of course. Still am two months later. Today I wrote to Harris Teeter to see what can be done about this tragedy.

Dear Harris-Teeter;
I love all of the soups that HT sells over in the deli section, but in the last couple of months I haven't been able to find my favorite -- Split Pea. I talked to the manager a couple of times and she said she'd try to order it again, but every week it's still not there. Last week I was out of town and I went to a Harris Teeter specifically to stock up on split pea soup, but that HT didn't have it either. So now I'm afraid that it's been discontinued. Can you tell me if you still carry the deli split pea soup and if so, how can I get the Charleston SC store to carry it again?
Thank you,
Robert Loy

I will keep y'all informed on this vital issue as it develops.

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