Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Damn that bejlum

Man, I hate it when the Jumble kicks my ass. Usually I sail through these puzzles. Occasionally one of the six-letter words will hold me up. And once in a while I draw a complete blank and I end up listing all possible letter combinations -- truly moronic -- or just throwing up my hands and going to Internet Anagram Server -- which of course is cheating.
Usually if I can't get a word it's because it has an unusual letter pattern and my brain just refuses to consider it. Today I couldn't get the first word in this Jumble for a long time. It's CHAOS, and it probably eluded me because of the A-O vowel sequence. I guess there's a lesson in there somewhere, and I hope it's not that we turn stupid after age 50.
But the fact that I had to cheat the unscramble the answer -- there were only two vowels in a twelve-letter, two-word answer and that was just too much for my by-then-frazzled brain to handle -- does make me worry.

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Linda G said...

I finally remembered to come back and solve this. This was my first addiction...many years back. That gave way to Cryptoquips, followed by Sudoku...finally, the New York Times and (to a lesser degree, since I don't blog it) the Sun.

I used to do these upside down so there would be a challenge, but this one did kick butt! I was able to get them in this order: slant, untrue, depict, chaos. I hadn't read your post at all...now I'll go back and see if you mentioned the order.