Sunday, January 06, 2008

Polar Plunge 08

Well, we've done it two years in a row now, so I guess that makes it more of a tradition and less of a wild hare. I'm talking about the Polar Bear Plunge at Folly Beach on January 1st 2008. Here are some pictures from that event.
No, it's not Baby New Year, it's my brother John participating in his first plunge. He had threatened to wear a Speedo and here he's attempting to turn his bathing suit into one.
All of the plungers preparing for a dip -- or is that all the dips preparing for a plunge?
Part of our cheerleading squad -- that's my sister Susan, my wife Kim and my Dad dad.
Me and my youngest daughter Cricket post-plunge.The young 'uns.The ride home -- well, actually the ride to Andolini's for pizza and (more) beer.


Linda G said...

You guys are either very daring...or just plain nuts!

Zan said...

"Me and my youngest daughter Cricket post-plunge."

Post-plunge; Pre-Pneumonia.

Norrin2 said...

Actually I think it cured my pneumonia. It's very invigorating.

Zan said...

I didn't think pneumonia was contagious but I guess you must have given it to her because she was sounding like shit that night.

Norrin2 said...

Oh please, Cricket's fine. She was fine that night -- she was just emoting. It looks to me like you're already looking for excuses not to go next year. If you're scared, just say you're scared.

Orange said...

Wait a minute, they still call it a Polar Plunge even when it's in South Carolina? I think my son would enjoy it in Chicago, but *I* don't want to be out by the beach even with a coat on in January. One of these years, though, we'll take him out on New Year's Day for an ice-cold dip in the lake.