Monday, August 03, 2009

Pips, get it??!

So, there's this guy named Craig Frazier. He's a cartoonist. And he's working on a project called "Drawords" where every week he posts a new drawing and invites people to submit captions, publishes what he considers the best along with several runners-up. Eventually it's going to be collected into a book, I think. I enter most weeks, and I've gotten runner-up a couple times but I've never won. And I'm starting to think I'm never going to. Not because I'm not funny. No-ho. Because I'm too funny and too sophisticated for Drawords.
Big ego? Maybe, although I prefer "healthy self-esteem" but maybe I'm right. I mean, check out this last week's cartoon: a couple guys dressed like dominoes on a train of some kind.

As you can see, most people went for simple dominos-fall-down gags. A few people expanded just a tad on the domino theme -- bringing in Fats Domino and the Domino Theory. (And kids, the domino theory was something the powers that be kept using to scare us into sending our young people to die in Vietnam. Supposedly, if we let Vietnam go commie than Laos and Cambodia and eventually Canada and the US would fall like dominoes to communism. Ridiculous, of course, but considering how many people gave their lives for this theory, I don't find anything amusing about it.) One person made a simple pun based on the fact that dominoes are sometimes called "bones." There were two basically identical Domino's pizza jokes. And a casual Friday joke that makes no sense. (Or maybe it's another guy way too funny and sophisticated for Drawords and the gag goes over my head.)

My caption was "On the way to audition for Gladys Knight." And that, my friends, is funny.

Don't give me that blank look. You get it. You're smarter than Craig Frazier. You know that Gladys Knight's backup band was known as the Pips, and that pips are also what the spots on dominoes are called.

You may now clutch your side, slap your knee and roar with laughter.

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