Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thrift Store Find

We just got back from four days in the North Carolina mountains. Had a great time swimming, hiking, visiting the wildlife center and just enjoying air that's neither hot nor humid. But it wasn't all outdoor activities, either. That part of the country has more thrift stores than any place I've ever been, and Kim and I hit a few of them in Hendersonville and Brevard. We got a bread-maker for three bucks, a Batman cap (for me) and a Supergirl girl cap (for Kim) some clothes of course, including a pair of shorts that are dark purple with large stripes of even darker purple.
Kim was aghast when she saw this last item. "What are you going to wear those with?" she asked.
"Please, I'm a guy, I don't worry about stuff like that."
I also found this book and I cannot get over how cool it is. It's called "Making Love: the Picador Book of Erotic Verse." Which is cool enough, although I have other volumes of erotic verse and I might not have spent the whole dollar it cost me to purchase this volume were it not for the cover. Check this out:

I'm not sure if you can see it but that dove has a silver strand of something in his beak. I can't tell if it's plucking out this sleeping beauty's gray hair or trying to build a nest in her nose.

But that's not the best part. Here is the back cover:

Now that is a lush explosion of pubic hair there. This book was published in 1978 and back then we weren't afraid of our body hair. It is after all what makes us mammals. (Well that and the breast milk.)

And even that's not the best part. Check out the spine:

Can you see that? Nipples on the spine? how cool is that? I've never seen anything or anybody with nipples on their spine before. You know, just because I wear purple pants doesn't mean I don't care about aesthetics. This book is going to look great on my bookcase.

Nipples on the spine. Wow!


Anonymous said...

Too funny Rob....and great find! Ya know that area is full of wiccan clans. (My uncle teaches at Brevard college up there).

I hope y'all took highway 21(?) back down through Cashiers and down to Clemson area past Whitewater Falls. Absolutely beautiful and terrifying drive. KB

Norrin2 said...

No, I wish I had known about the Wiccans but I didn't. We did not get to Clemson or Cashiers, unfortunately. Why? do they have good thrift stores there too?

Angel said...

Rob, wth?