Friday, January 01, 2010

The last two books I read in 2009

Closing out the year with the latest volumes of a couple of old favorites. "Americana" is the latest in the Jack of Fables series. Jack (Horner, the giant-killer, Frost, be nimble) and his friend Gary the Pathetic Fallacy along with Paul Bunyan and one of the Page sisters patch Humpty Dumpty back together and go in search of treasure in the land of American folk tales and legends. We meet Huck Finn, visit the Salem Witch trials and the antebellum South, and run afoul of the book-burning librarian and his zombie Keystone Kops. Great stuff.

If you don't know about Post Secret go check it out right now. This latest collection of people's postcard confessions is alternately hilarious, heartbreaking and life-affirming. My favorite was the one from the woman who keeps a flannel shirt hung on the back of her bedroom door so when she's making love with her husband she can pretend he's MacGyver.

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