Monday, January 18, 2010

More movies I watched in 2010

If left to my own devices I would never watch anything other than romantic comedies, boy meets girl in some interesting locale is endlessly fascinating for me. Thank goodness my wife is more culturally broadminded. Otherwise I would have missed out on "Young at Heart." By now most people know about this musical band of seniors and have even seen clips or watched one of their videos, but if you haven't seen the movie and gotten to know these people and seen for yourself how passion for something can keep you alive then you should.

But when it was my turn to choose again, I went with -- you guessed it -- a romantic comedy taking place in an exotic location. In this case India.

This movie is more than a fish-out-of-water, boy-meets-girl deal, although it does both of those very well. It also has something to say about corporate America's callous attitude towards its employees It also has Ayesha Dharker, who is seriously beautiful.

“…a film bursting with affection for its characters and for India. It never pushes things too far, never stoops to cheap plotting, is about people learning to really see one another. It has a fundamental sweetness and innocence…And in a time when the word ‘chemistry’ is lightly bandied about, what they generate is the real thing.” -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


rani said...

I agree with what you say about Outsourced. It's a wonderful, warm and funny film and the lead pair is amazing, as also some of the supporting cast. That picture you've posted of Ayesha is something else. She's beautiful and a great actor.

Anonymous said...
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