Saturday, February 07, 2009

more books I've read in 2009

All picture books this go-round.

I'd been hearing lots of good things about the new Iron Fist comic, but I held off from checking it out for two reasons -- 1. back in the bronze age, I was always a bigger fan of Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu then I was of Iron Fist and the others that came along during the brief kung fu craze, and 2. it looked pretty dark and I've had enough dark. I did pick up the first hardback collection though, and I liked it, even though it wasn't as good as those old Shang-Chi comics (not that I expected it to be) and it was dark, if not in tone than in amounts of black, brown and dark gray ink used.

Mr. Freeze is my favorite Batman villain. He's not really into crime for the money or the fame of the ego-tripping, he does the dirty deeds he does out of love for his wife, and the efforts that run him afoul of the law and Batman are usually directed at trying to awaken her from her cryogenic coma.
But that's not why I picked up "Batman: Snow" It was because I saw the name J.H. Williams III. J.H. Williams III is an amazing artist who helped make Alan Moore's Promethea one of my favorite comic series ever. Unfortunately, Williams didn't draw this book, he wrote it and all I can say about his writing abilities is that he should probably stick to art.

I also read Astonishing X-Men Volume 3 (again) and Volume 4.
Now this is more like it. Joss Whedon is an absolute genius and John Cassaday is one of the few modern artists who would have been able to find work during the silver age. (Most of them now take too many shortcuts to even be considered alongside Kirby and Colan and Buscema.) Whedon had me alternately on the edge of my seat or cracking up at some of his brilliant dialogue. As much as I love Buffy and Angel and am looking forward to Dollhouse, I think I like Whedon even better in comics, especially when he has a master like John Cassaday bringing his vision to magnificent fruition.

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