Monday, February 23, 2009

More people who piss me off at the gym

1.) The Rack Addict. This is the guy who picks up a pair of dumbells and stands so close to the rack he's almost touching it -- inevitably right in front of the weights I need. If he could back off a couple inches I could get them, but either because he's worried he's not going to be able to handle those 30-pounders or -- more likely -- he can't bear to be that far away from his reflected biceps in the mirror, he won't back off.

2.) The Moaner. I will defend to the death -- well, maybe not to the death, but to the bruising anyway -- your right to grunt when you work out. (I refused to even consider a gym in my area that outlaws grunting.) But that's an involuntary reaction to exertion and as such, understandable, but not the guy who picks up a weight and immediately starts moaning like he's auditioning for a porno. What is wrong with your wiring? If lifting weights gets you off that much, you really need to invest in a home gym.


Caroline said...

Today I was annoyed at the gym by someone who felt the need to be right next to me on the floor, although we were the only people in the room. Eventually I realized that she, for whatever reason, was under the impression that my spot was the best one in a giant room full of identical spots, and I moved. But seriously- it was rude.

Norrin2 said...

Yeah, I have a knack for picking out the best spot too -- in the locker room and out on the gym floor. A huge room and people only want to stand in my armpit.

Mr. Big said...

There's this guy at my gym who walks around like the cock of the roost with his chest puffed out, wearing jeans and a Harley shirt with the sleeves cut out. Well, last week he decides he's going to do his stretches about 3 feet in front of the treadmill I'm on. I pulled down my hat and looked at my feet as I ran. Geesh!