Sunday, February 15, 2009


Being a parent is a thankless job. But sometimes if you're lucky you get something a whole lot better than a thank you. My daughter Leah was having trouble sleeping last night, so she wrote in her blog. She wrote about family and friends, dogs and children, birth and death, and about her parents:

Funny at times how you never wanted to listen to parents. Telling you things you should do, date who, things that they thought weren't the best choices. Then one day you wake up and realize so much. I wanted to find a man just like my Dad. I did, and love him dearly and so do they. I want to be just like my Mom. Best thing of all, My parents have the best relationship I've ever seen, heard of. I love them so much for showing me how people should be married. I hope in 15 years I feel just like them. I want what they have everyday. Its a true love that doesn't come with age or knowledge. They found their soulmates and it shows every time I see them together.

Leah, you know me pretty well, so I'm sure you know that your feeling this way and saying this to the whole wide blogosphere means a lot to me. But I don't think you know how much. Thank you. I love you and am so proud to have you as my daughter.

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Mr. Big said...

Wow, that must make you feel great! I hope I can get such accolades when my sons start blogging (or whatever they will be doing in 8-10 years).

Nice job, Mr. Big