Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Sun'll come out tomorrow

I think the New York Sun crossword puzzles are as good as or better than any crosswords anywhere.

Don't believe me, ask three-time American Crossword Puzzle Tournament champion Tyler Hinman: "With entertaining and varied themes, fresh grid entries, and lively clues, The New York Sun crosswords are exactly what modern solvers want."

or Ellen Ripstein, another ACPT champ: "The New York Sun Crosswords are on a par with the best puzzles anywhere. The Thursday and Friday puzzles are a real challenge, even for expert solvers."

or how about Ken Jennings, 74-time "Jeopardy" Champion: "The New York Sun puzzles are as fun, as challenging, and as endlessly inventive as any being published anywhere today. Simply put, these are crosswords for crossword lovers."

I could throw blurbs at you all day, but I won't, because you can try the New York Sun puzzles for free here. (Keep in mind the Sun is only published Monday-Friday.) And every Monday through Friday, inspired by the legendary Rex Parker who handles The New York Times crossword, I post of my struggles and triumphs (and failures too) with these great puzzles. If you love crosswords, I hope you'll bookmark this page or better yet subscribe with Bloglines. See you soon, and in the words of New York Sun crossword puzzle editor Peter Gordon, "May all your days be filled with Sun.".

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