Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wednesday already? Seems like just this morning it was Monday

I don't know what my record is for most erasures on a Weddnesday is, but surely I approached it today. I had ASU for 14A: Scoreboard abbr. for the football team that plays its home games at University of Phoenix Stadium: ARI (I don't know what the record is for longest clue for a three-letter entry is, but Patrick Berry might have broken it here.) I had EURASIAN and then ARTESIAN for 20A: Like the Temple of Artemis (I need to brush up on my mythology; the only Artemis I know is Artemis Gordon off of "The Wild, Wild, West" TV show.) I had EXILE for , mayb59A: An American in Paris maybe: EXPAT, and ALIST for 57A: How beer mugs are held while pouring: ATILT. When I had DU__YPANSY (The U was wrong but I didn't know it at the time) I almost put DUSTYPANSY, which actually fit the theme but I couldn't think of any circumstances under which dusty could mean good-looking. And I became extremely attached (even though I know better) to TELLSOFF at 51A: Scolds angrily BAWLSOUT.

But that's okay. I really enjoyed this puzzle. I had a pretty good idea of the theme just from the title (Double Y'ed Trailers) but it wasn't until I was almost finished that I noticed the puzzle had an extra layer of elegance. It wasn't just two-word phrases both ending in the letter Y. It was two-word phrases both ending in Y where you could remove both of the Y's and still have a well-known two-word phrase.
Like so:

18A: Type of humor used in a sex farce? (STEAMYIRONY)
25A: Feel bad for the mean kid (PITYBULLY)
42A: What many inspirational sports films try to do (COPYROCKY) and I think this is what kept me from getting the complete theme quicker. "Cop Rock" is not exactly a household name. It was one of Steven ("Hill Street Blues") Bochco's few failures, a police drama-musical hybrid that lasted only 11 episodes on ABC in 1990 and showed up on TV Guide's 50 Worst TV shows ever. I knwo it has acult following, but that doesn't prove anything. Everything's got at least a cult following these days.

53A: Famous Mudville player after striking out? CRANKYCASEY. Were I a quibbler, I'd point out that Ernest Thayer who penned the immortal "Casey at the Bat" never told us how the Mudville slugger felt after his titanic whiff. Cranky is probably a good guess, but still. . .

3D: Good-looking flower? DISHYPANSY

28D: Suspicious absence from school? FISHYHOOKY

That's all for today. See you tomorrow.


Matt M. said...

Seems like this puzzle was made for those of us who try to do a clean solve in pen (not a chance for me this time).

To wit:

MUG and then TUN instead of CAN

COFFIN instead of CASKET

EDDIE instead of AUDIE

Rex Parker said...

Absolutely loved COPY ROCKY - one of my favorite theme answers of the year (esp. given how amazingly obscure that TV show - "Cop Rock" - is).

Rex Parker said...

Oh, and I too made the COFFIN for CASKET error.

Also did the rarely seen AUDIE to EDDIE to AUDIE.

Anonymous said...

I really love that pony picture on Tuesday's (?) blog. Kinfolk of yours?

Norrin2 said...

Matt, I used to do crosswords in ink, but I'm a graphite man now. And if I don't download them, I will Xerox them out of the paper because newsprint just doesn't hold up to erasures.
And no, no kin of mine on Tuesday. My parents wouldn't buy us a pony either.
Rex, I went from Eddie to Audie, but couldn't quite pull off the triple play.