Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Hope y'all are having a great Independence Day, with plenty of fireworks, baseball, sunshine, beer, barbecue, crossword puzzles and whatever else feels like the right way to celebrate the greatness that was America from July 4th, 1776 to January 20th, 2001.


Linda G said...

I had to read that twice before I caught it. Too funny...sadly, too true.

I'll skip the baseball and the fireworks but will definitely do the beer (one's my limit...such a lightweight), barbecue and puzzles. It's 103 again today, and I bought Super Soakers so Don and I can play outdoors without cooking. No kids around today, but we can still be kids.

Happy 4th!

Norrin2 said...

I can't believe it's hotter in Colorado than it is in SC. We only got up to maybe 90. Super Soakers sounds like a good way to deal with that kind of heat.