Sunday, July 22, 2007

More books I've read in 2007

I knew this book was going to make me hungry, and I'm been trying to lose weight, so I waited until I went to the beach for a week to read it. I'm hungry at the beach anyway, and it's the one week where I don't worry about calories. As it turned out the book did make me hungry but mostly for regional candy bars that are not available in my neck of the woods. The one candy bar discussed in this book that was native to my South is the Goo Goo Cluster, and Goo Goo Clusters are unspeakably vile.
I also read:
because I think Darwyn Cooke just might be a genius. He's doing the impossible with the Spirit every month -- following ably in Will Eisner's footsteps. "Selina's Big Score" was a straight ahead action adventure yarn, marred only by the fact that we only see Selina in the cat suit on the first couple of pages.


Orange said...

I loved Candy Freak. I actually e-mailed the author after I read it in hardcover...partly to tell him how much I enjoyed it and partly to say I hoped the misspellings were fixed for the paperback edition. ("Palette" was used in lieu of "pallet" and then, a couple pages later, for "palate." Ouch.) He wrote back, which was nice. Apparently he's one of those people who like to write without capital letters.

Norrin2 said...

Maybe it's only in e-mail that Almond eschews the upper case. I wrote to him (snail mail) to tell him how much I enjoyed "My Life in Heavy Metal" (and to get an autograph) and he used capital letters when appropriate. I'll post the autograph in the blog.