Monday, June 11, 2007

More books I've read in 2007

I don't know why the Sun puzzle never came out today, but it's almost my bedtime and I can't wait any longer, so this one will have to be passed down to posterity sans Green Genius commentary.

Before I go, a couple of books I've recently read:

The Lives of the Muses from Francine Prose. I enjoyed this book very much even though I can only stand so much history without running screaming for the nearest novel. The two main thoughts I came away from this book were 1.) Muses aren't always good for you or for your art; see John and Yoko 2.) Alice in Wonderland is a masterpiece, one of my favorite books, but there's no way I would let my daughter hang out at Lewis Carroll's house, the Victorian equivalent of Neverland Ranch.

My Life in Miniature by Gail Simone. When I was a kid reading comic books, I was blown away on a regular basis, but it doesn't happen much anymore. I've become unfortunately immune to many of the wonders of the four-color world, but every month in the pages of "The All-New Atom" Gail Simone makes me feel like a kid again. Her stories are funny, scary and full of the sense of wonder I try to nourish and protect. Ryan Choi, the new Atom, has to deal with being caught in the middle of a war between science and magic, the great cancer god, a thirty-foot tall naked woman on the rampage, and teaching college courses to uninterested students. Great stuff. I wish Ms Simone was going to be at the Charlotte convention this weekend. I'd like to shake her hand and thank her.

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