Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 22 of the 31 beers of Christmas

I first had Leinenkugul's beer when we took a trip to Wisconsin a few years ago. At that time it wasn't available here. In addition to their original lager, I also sampled their Honey Weiss, Berry Weiss and Sunset Wheat. When it became available here I also had their Summer Shandy. I had never tried their seasonal Fireside Nut Brown Ale (available only in November and December.) I picked up a six-pack at Harris-Teeter for $7.99.
The Jacob Leinenkugel is the seventh oldest brewery in the United States, even though it is no longer the family owned business it once was since it was purchased by Miller several years ago -- or "merged" with Miller as Leinie puts it on their website.

And away we go --

You know, a good beer blogger is not just a beer reviewer, he's a graphic designer as well. I thought it would be cool to have a picture of Fireside Nut Brown Ale by my fireside. Clever, eh?
Yeah, well my FBFF (Feline Best Friend Forever) didn't think so either. She thought I should pay attention to her and she has remarkably good aim with her tail.

APPEARANCE: Frothy head, nice effervescence. Color could not get any more copper.
(Well, that's a little better picture.)

AROMA: I'm looking for nuts, but I'm getting soap. But good soap, not cheap stuff.

TASTE: Again I think my expectations are messing me up. This feels more like an Autumn ale than a Winter. This is thinner, no warmth, very mild hop bitterness. I've recently been introduced to the concept of session beers -- which I take to mean beers you can drink several of, unlike a lot of craft beers which can be a little overwhelming after a couple. This would be a good session beer. It's quality stuff but nothing really stands out.

BURP TASTE: On the other hand, the burps are very refreshing -- and there are a lot of them, I did mention this brew was bubbly, did I not? More hops evident on the eruction than on initial intake.

DRINKABILITY: I think on another night this might have hit the spot, but I worked eleven hours, the sun never really came out and I was looking for something more in the way of alcoholic solace.

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