Monday, December 06, 2010

Day 6 of the 31 beers of Christmas

One of the things I find most distasteful about American advertising is the shameless way they use sex to sell products. I made up my mind when I started this beer review project that I would not let my choice of beers be influenced by advertising and especially not by someone trying to draw attention away from the taste of their brew with subliminally tittilating graphics. So the fact that this next beer has an exotic-looking woman with remarkable cleavage getting ready to kiss a snake that looks like its head has been circumsized was chosen only because I was in the mood for a white lager with spices.
No, really.

APPEARANCE: Pours with almost no head -- and that's the snake's fault not mine. The last ounce or so had some clumpy cloudy stuff in it and most of it seems to be settling to the bottom of the glass. I don't think it's anything poisonous, I'm hoping it's a clump of spice. Oh, wait a minute that's what I get for staring at Lily Munster kissing Herman's snake and not actually reading the label first. It says right here it "may have a dusting of yeast. Agitate gently before serving." This is by far the palest beer I've had this month, almost as pale as the BudMillerCoors we beer snobs love to scorn. It looks like a urine sample from somebody who doesn't drink enough water and peed into a glass that somebody left orange juice pulp in.

AROMA: fruity, some pepper.

TASTE: The dominant spice is definitely pepper. Which is just a tad weird. It's got an apple juice or cider taste and feel to it. Maybe that's coriander, not pepper. The ginger that I was hoping to find hasn't materialized. This really does not taste like beer. It's getting better by the middle of the glass, might have even had a taste of ginger before it -- like the beer taste -- was overwhelmed by the coriander -- or pepper.

MOUTHFEEL: As previously mentioned, it feels like cider that somebody prankishly poured pepper in.

DRINKABILITY: It probably won't come as a surprise to hear that this is not going on my list of beers to have more of.
I would however like to have a poster made of the label.


Anonymous said...

Are you now a beer snob?

Norrin2 said...

Well, I guess. I know we've had some PBR in the fridge for the longest. Neither of us can really stand to drink that stuff any more.

Leah Black said...

I kinda wanna try this one. -Your oldest daughter.

Norrin2 said...