Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greetings from the world's worst blogger

As symbols of love go, this one is pretty unobtrusive. It must be, it has sat on or around our kitchen window for more than seventeen years and I don't think anyone's ever mentioned or asked about its significance. It's a bottle -- well, a mini bottle -- of Midori Liqueur that I bought for Kim back in late 1992, maybe early '93. We were in cosmetology school, I was madly in love with her but she was involved with someone else. We used to go the bar next door when school let out, usually with some other friends, occasionally just the two of us. One night I remember she said how much she loved Midori, although she was drinking something else at the time. Thinking it might be a way to earn a few points with her, I bought a mini bottle of the stuff after she left for the night and put it on her desk next morning -- probably with some green M&M's, another gift I presented her with frequently (because the green ones are supposed to be aphrodisiacal, you know, and I was trying to get her to warm to me.)
Anyway, it didn't work. Kim was not pleased that I put something I knew she wanted on her desk, as I'd hoped. She was mortified that I'd set her up with alcoholic beverages, which could conceivably get her in trouble with the school. She forgave me though, and I guess it must have meant something to her after all because we still have it.
Two more things you may not know -- Green is my favorite color, and the Japanese word for green is "midori."