Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beer Activities

I try to enter the NPR Weekend Edition Puzzle contest every week hoping to win a chance to match wits with Will Shortz on the air.  The challenge this week is "Name a brand of beer. Rearrange the letters to name an activity often associated with beer."
I know my answer isn't right but I liked it so much I sent it in anyway:

My favorite beer is Irish Stout but every time I disrobe it seems my beer belly is bigger.  So I'm going to say GUINNESS DRAFT and  FAT UNDRESSING.

Friday, October 11, 2013


This is the poem I wrote for Kim on our recent 20th anniversary.  Three warnings - 1. If you already think I'm too uxorious you might want to skip this.  2. I'm not a poet, this was written to be presented on a cruise as dusk was falling on the Seine on a perfect Paris night.  It's faults as verse will be much more apparent under other reading conditions. 3. You have to know un petit Francais.

Tu et moi, we’ve come a long way,
From Bridle Path to Champs-Elysees,
From mon frere’s backyard one hot August night
To la Ville Lumiere, the City of Lights.

We paid a price to get from there to where we are,
Our hair’s grayer, joints stiffer, our hearts bear some scars.
And the road ahead, we have no way of knowing
What we’ll face up there till we get where we’re going.

But one thing is, has been, and will always be true
The boundless depth of my love for you.
With your love and by our union I have been blessed, 
I will be yours all this life et – Dieu voulant – the next.

(You wondered once why there were no love songs
 Written about girls named Kim, 
But my life from 1993 to eternity is une chanson 
D’amour pour tu, ma cherie, je t’aime.)