Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Books I've read in 2007, part 12

Tomorrow night I will get on a train and head to Connecticut for the 30th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. It's my first time competing -- and my first time riding a train since I was a kid. My beautiful wife is coming along with me, so that means motel sex.
So yeah, I am excited.
I bought this book to try and learn more about the tournament and maybe get a glimpse at how crossword constructors think -- Matt Gaffney is one of only a handful of people who make a living making crosswords, and I enjoyed this book a whole lot more than Crossworld. I did get some insight into how crossword puzzles are constructed -- whether that will help me at Stamford remains to be seen -- I got to meet Henry Hook, one of my all-time favorite constructors, and was pleasantly surprised when someone I knew made an appearance in the book -- Stephanie Barna, the editor of the Charleston City Paper, and for whom I did a few articles a few years ago.

I also read this book -- well, "read" might be overstating it, since it's mostly pictures of old 45 record sleeves. But I did think it was interesting that 45 art reached its peak in the 1990s when you couldn't find any of them anywhere.

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