Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hallalujah! Our long nightmare is over!

It must be Summer -- or Spring at the very least. I saw my first Italian Ice girl in the park today, a sure harbinger that that frigid groundhog-worshipping season is over. There might have been a robin or two over there as well. No baseballs though, that other indispitable sign of better days, just a couple of leftover Winter people tossing around a football.
I came up with a theory when I was about six that there were Winter people and Summer people, and although there are a few loose ends I can't quite wrap up, I think I was dead on. I mean, the beautiful, bronzed, healthy people I see in the Summer just cannot be the same people as the withered, pale, sniffly people I see all Winter long. One of the loose ends I can't quite wrap up is how I get stuck with the snifflers every GD groundhog season.
So, hey Summer People! When October comes and y'all go to Hawaii or into hibernation or wherever it is y'all go, take me with you!!!

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Zan said...

There is baseball. I watched part of the pre-season game between the Braves and the Astros in the waiting room the other day. Go Braves!