Saturday, March 03, 2007

Books I've read in 2007, part 9

Catsby is unemployed, his girlfriend left him and married a rich guy, all he wants to do is drink and lay around on his friend's kitchen floor.
Sounds like a lot of fun, right? But it isn't. I don't know whether the translation was crappy or if somebody who shouldn't have was trying to be poetic, but a lot of this stuff sounds clunky and you have to go back and try to figure out what was meant.
By the way, this isn't manga, this is "manhwa" which is Korean for manga. Manga of course is Japanese for "whimsical pictures," which is probably why comics are so much more popular in Japan than in the US. It's probably a lot more respectable to read and enjoy Whimsical Pictures than it is to enjoy what my grandmother always called "Funny Books."

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