Sunday, March 11, 2007

Captain America

Everybody at work knows I'm a comic book reader -- I guess it's the Wonder Woman poster and the Superman toys on my desk that gave me away -- so they've been coming up to me this week and asking me if I'm upset about Captain America's death. I tell no because he isn't dead or won't be for long, not with a big movie deal in the works, don't forget Superman died a few years ago and he got better. (I don't add that with those hacks at Marvel these days he might be better off dead.)
One thing that I think must be confusing to non-comic-readers is that every newspaper article I've seen about this event says that Captain America has been around since 1941 and was killed in the 25th issue of his comic. So, if you didn't know about all the reboots and reborns and "First Issue Collector's Items" you might think (if my math is correct) that the good captain's mag is only published once every 2.64 years.

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